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Production – Movie, Television & Media Services

Great Canadian Fire Company Inc. takes pride in providing a professional, individually tailored specialist fire safety and support service to the film, television and the event production industry. Our services cover a wide spectrum for event organizers, media, film, television and music industries, SPX personnel and other commercial operators. The services that we provide include: , and Special Skills Fire & EMS Extras

Great Canadian Fire Company Inc. ‘s mission is to minimize financial, property and personnel loss by providing around the clock fire safety services. Whether your production is in a studio or on location, our company will provide specific services to help prevent downtime loss, property damage and/or serious injury. During the course of any production, it is entirely possible that accidents will occur. Each year numerous fires occur in the workplace causing excessive property loss, serious injury or death. You may be in a remote location without immediate assistance and will have to rely on the response and assistance of public safety organizations. The opportunity to minimize downtime due to injury or loss of property lies in the immediate response to the danger/threat of fire or injury. The difference between higher cost and life or death is most often response time. While on your set, the Great Canadian Fire Company Inc. will provide fire prevention and protection services. Safety is our priority and our ultimate goals are to prevent property damage and keep you and your team safe while your special effects and stunt production progresses in a timely manner. Our presence will help minimize or eliminate loss of valuable time during your production. Members of our staff include the following professionals:

  • Experienced male and female firefighters;
  • First Class firefighters up to Chief Level;
  • EMCA Certified Paramedical Medics Level 1, 2 and 3
  • Specialist staffing provided in various
  • Fire protection engineering technologist with full knowledge of the Ontario Fire Code
  • Fire inspector/fire investigation personnel

Fire Services

Our professional and experienced firefighters and fire services staff will provide various fire safety duties, firefighting, fire marshall and/or inspector tasks. Whether a crash scene, fire or explosive SPXs, a body burn or technical advice on any aspect of the fire service, we will follow along at each step to ensure everyone’s safety and that everything goes according to plan, saving you time and money. Some of our fire safety services include:

  • Scene/Studio & Location Fire Safety
  • Fire Protection Services
  • Fire Suppression Services
  • Locations/Actor/Production Consulting/Technical Advice
  • Insurance Liaison
  • Scene Safety
  • Scene Set-up
  • Specialized Rescue Services – Extrication/Collapse/High-Angle/Confined Spaces
  • Supply and maintain a full compliment of operational and authentic fire equipment, tools and appliances

Emergency Medical Services

The Great Canadian Fire Company Inc. ‘s emergency medical staffing will provide the experience and accuracy needed for great productions using medical personnel. Our professional and experienced Paramedic and Pre-Hospital Emergency medical staff will provide various on and off camera work or consult on the emergency medical services scenes. Whether a trauma scene, gunshot, crash scene, or large catastrophic disaster our staff will provide realistic technical advice or medical work on any aspect of the production. Our EMCA certified paramedics will perform emergency services such as:

  • Primary Care Paramedical Services
  • Advanced Care Paramedical Services
  • Basic trauma and life support services
  • Liaise with Air Ambulance Crews and Doctors
  • Highest degree of medical interventions in a pre-hospital setting including triage, IVs, intubations & advanced airway management, cardio version & highest level defibrillation, etc. The essay online 38-year-old educator argued that having mr.

Fire Truck, Equipment & Picture Vehicle Rentals

With access to contemporary vehicles, specialized equipment, professional experienced crews and safety advisors, The Great Canadian Fire Company Inc. offers a dynamic service both locally and internationally. Whether you are looking for a North American or international look, we will provide or source the equipment or vehicles that you require for your production. All our vehicles and equipment have been in service by local municipal and regulating authorities adding to their authentic and realistic appearance on camera. Vehicles will arrive on set on time ready for your shoot. The Great Canadian Fire Company Inc. specialty equipment and vehicles may include but are not limited to:

  • Consult on scene set up and placement of equipment or vehicles;
  • Provide the right equipment for each and every scene;
  • Provide additional water supply and lighting or power generation if required;

Great Canadian Fire Company Inc.