ONE – First Response – 1987 Hahn HCP15 Pumper/Tanker

Pump Truck Number One

TWO – Response 2 – 1982 Sutphen HS1640 Pumperr

Pump Truck Number Two

THREE – Coming Soon – Aerial 1

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First Response – 1987 Hahn HCP15 Pumper/Tanker

Pump Truck Number One
side view, interior and back view of 87 Pumber

Our first responding fire truck is a 1987 Hahn Pumper/Tanker that is very versatile. Mechanically and visually this truck is like new, and looks and works better than the majority of trucks half its age. It can carry 1500 gallons of water and can be used as a pumper or a tanker. Shooting in a remote out of the way location? This truck has the ability to draft water at any source. It can provide enough water supply even when there is no water source with its large capacity tank. It has foam capabilities for liquid fires or for great shots at accident scenes or hazmat sets. All our trucks carry a full compliment of firefighting equipment and tools required to create complete authenticity. This truck was in service in New York State up to 2011.


  • Contains a 1500 gallon water tank with a Hale 1500 GPM pump
  • GVW: 38,400 lbs
  • Length: 28’-6”
  • Width: 8’-4”
  • Height: 9’-3”
  • Full drafting capabilities including hard suction hose, strainers and appliances.
  • 1000 gallon portable tank for water shuttles or hazmat decontamination
  • Automatic hose reel with 250’ of 1 inch rubber booster hose
  • Onan 6000 Watt inline diesel generator with 2 x 150’ automatic cord reels
  • 3 x 1.5 inch cross-lays/transverse hose beds complete with 12 lengths of hi-combat attack hose (Modern attack hose)
  • Greater than 400′ of HiVol 4″ rubber supply hose. Modern supply hose currently in use by local fire authorities
  • 6-8 lengths of 2.5 inch attack hose at rear hose bed
  • 6-8 additional lengths of 1.5 inch fire attack hose (modern)

Response 2 – 1982 Sutphen HS1640 Pumper

Pump Truck Number Two
side view, interior and back view of 87 Pumber

The Sutphen pumper contains a unique look which can fit into any local municipal fire service fleet. This truck was in service in New York State to 2011 and was used as a front line pumper. This truck is complete with all the drafting equipment and is great for rural firefighting techniques. The Sutphen pumper contains 1000 gallon water tank and a 1500 gpm Hale pump. This truck is very versatile, mechanically sound with great pump operation, drives great and looks new.


  • Contains a 1000 gallon water tank with a Hale 1500 gpm pump
  • GVW: 36080 lbs
  • Length: 28′-6″
  • Width: 8′-6″
  • Height: 9′-4″
  • Full drafting capability including hard suction hose and various strainers
  • Darley 300 GPM Portable pump

Aerial 1

Coming Soon! Newer enclosed cab quint/telesquirt with 50ft ladder. Check back often for the latest trucks available.

Additional Equipment includes:

  • 9-15 MSA Ultralite II MMR low pressure breathing apparatus including regulator and mask;
  • Various complete sets of interior/exterior turnout gear/bunker gear;
  • MSA gas air monitoring
  • Marque 1250 first responder defibulator
  • Various amounts of 4” High Volume Hose
  • Portable drafting/water shuttle tank
  • Hard suction drafting equipment including various foot valve assemblies
  • Portable Pump complete with hard suction and drafting equipment
  • Various sized pike poles
  • Various Hose clamps, appliances and adapters
  • Complete compliment of Fire Extinguishers – ABC/CO2/Water etc
  • Full Compliment of supply and discharge hose 1 inch (25mm), 1.5 inch (38mm), 1.75″ (45mm), 2.5 inch (65mm), 4 inch (100mm)
  • Full compliment of attack nozzles
  • Hazmat wash down shower and decontamination pools
  • 18″ ventsaw (chainsaw)
  • Rescue saw 10″-12″ (concrete/metal saw)
  • Full compliment of heavy hydraulic rescue tools. (cutter/spreader/rams/combo)

Please call us to discuss your production. If you do not see what you are looking for on this site it does not mean we do not carry it. It may be that the terminology may be different or that we may not have listed all equipment.

Other services that can be provided include:

  • Fire protection and suppression services;
  • Fire and life safety services
  • Specialized rescue work including heavy hydraulic rescue techniques (jaws of life), high angle, confined spaces work, heavy urban search and rescue.
  • Inspection and investigation techniques
  • Personnel on standby during film and other combustible productions;
  • Auto extrication and crash scenario set up and protection;
  • Squad and specialized rescue firefighting
  • Emergency medical services including the highest level paramedical trained rescue services
  • Building and fire protection engineering consulting for any production work;
  • On-Set First Aid Services
  • Special Effects (SPX) consultations and protection
  • Professional Production Consultations
  • Sourcing for fire equipment and tools

All of our services are provided by certified professional male or female firefighters of first class rank or higher and our emergency medical services are provided by either male or female advanced emergency medical care assistants (A-EMCA) that are professional basic trauma life support (BTLS) emergency medical staff level 1 or higher, or Government certified fire safety professionals. What ever your production requires we can make it happen in the most authentic realistic setting possible using our various professionals and 100% authentic tools and equipment. Please call us to discuss your production and provide any assistance required.


Cecilia cunningham is the executive director of the middle college national consortium, in long island city, n